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Join ISSA in our efforts to solve the issue of period poverty by advocating for public policies that will increase access to menstrual care products and disposal solutions in away-from-home venues.

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ISSA – The Worldwide Cleaning Industry Association and Hygieia Network believe menstrual care solutions should be as available in away from home bathrooms as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels. Far too few facilities consider the impact of their patrons being left unprepared while away from home should someone’s period come unexpectedly. We believe no one should be without easy access to necessary period products and disposal solutions when they are needed.

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The Facts About Period Poverty

According to the Alliance for Period Supplies, “One in three low-income women report missing work, school or similar events due to lack of access to period supplies. These instances were linked to reported feelings of embarrassment, disappointment and depression. Lack of access to period supplies is also linked to stretching product usage and using substitute products like toilet tissue or even socks.”

According to State of the Period 2021, a study commissioned by Thinx & PERIOD, “84% (more than 4 in 5 teens) have either missed class time or know someone who missed class time because they did not have access to period products.”

A survey conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of the Free the Tampon Foundation found, “86% of women have started their period unexpectedly in public without supplies. Of those women, 62% reported going to a store immediately to buy menstrual products at least once. 34% reported going home at least in one instance when getting their period unexpectedly.”

What We’re Fighting For

ISSA is working to help solve the issue of period poverty by advocating for public policies to help increase access to menstrual care products, dispensers, and disposal solutions in away from home venues. We are also educating and engaging the cleaning industry community about these period poverty issues as well as provide proper training related to removing potentially harmful bacteria and blood-borne pathogens in bathroom facilities.

If you would like to learn more about and be involved in these efforts, please contact ISSA Director of Government Affairs John Nothdurft at [email protected]. Sponsorship opportunities are available.

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Far too few facilities consider the impact of their students being left unprepared if their period comes unexpectedly. If you believe period products should be as available in away-from-home bathrooms as soap, toilet paper, and paper towels, please take a moment to let your members of Congress and state elected officials know by selecting your state below: (Note: if your state isn’t listed, use “other”)

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